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And now my friend, the first-a rule of Italian driving... 
What's-a behind me is not important.

Franco - Gumball Rally


The year of 2020 is in the rear view mirror and we've ripped it from it's mount and tossed it from the car.


All three Silver State Challenge events are back on schedule for 2021!

The new Nevada Open Road Challenge (NORC) is now a two-way run instead of the traditional one-way, taking place the same traditional weekend in May.  Ahead of the NORC however, is the Chihuahua Express Road race in Mexico in April.  Finishing up the year will be the Silver State Classic Challenge (SSCC) held on the traditional dates in September.  It's now time to get out of the bunkers, juice up the race cars and get serious about carbon emissions.

As part of your prep work, make sure to download the event rules, regulations, tech inspection details and more, from the Silver State Classic web site.

Big Bend Open Road Race (BBORR) and Sandhills Open Road Challenge (SORC) are ON!

See their web sites for more details, links are in the left sidebar.

Back in the day, open road races could see up to 14 Panteras and the occasional Mangusta.  It's too bad so many of those slackers let themselves get old.  There's nothing like triple digit speeds for up to an hour on an open highway closed to the public, letting the horsepower run free and wild. Where coyotes, jackelopes and raptors can't stand in the way of a good run on a long stretch of road.  Only the hearty, the brave and those with some fear dare tread those hallowed grounds at speed in a Pantera.  Not many are left who have the balls to race, win, and brag about it.

A Mangusta hasn't been seen for decades at any of these races and it's time for one to step up, be seen and remind the public what a sexy machine a Mangusta can be.

This year the PANTERA is the featured marque at all three Silver State Classic Open Road Races, that means the Pantera will be featured on all event shirts for the NORC, Chihuahua Express, and Silver State Classic Chalenge in 2021. There will also be some other surprises this year. Some new faces, some new build sheets and at least one long time SS Veteran who hasn't run in a Pantera in about 20+ years.

Currently we can reveal the following veteran members and others who are on tap and on schedule to be running the two-way NORC in May:

  • Dennis (Mad Dog) Antenucci with an updated and re-tuned EFI, hoping to work out 140 MPH.
  • Randy (no longer a Silver State Rookie) Grubb, hoping to best Dennis in the 140 class.  The more Panteras in the same class, the better.
  • Ransom Sanders with a daily driver, modified (proper color?) Yellow Pantera.  Ransom will be running Rookie this year, as long as we all pitch in to make it happen like we always do.
  • Lee Peterson, another Rookie with a Pantera, but who will be running one of his Shelby's since the Pantera engine is out.
  • Paul Katchadourian running in his Viper (at least there is a "P" in the name)
  • Bringing up the support team for NORC will be John (JB) Bentley and Peter (the German) Menyhart.

In other events, Team Pantera Racing is looking to have representation at BBORR fromk Steve Hawkinson with a potential cameo from Mad Dog Antenucci as co-pilot.  Mark Skwarek may be the only Pantera in the SORC this year, but any year a Pantera gets into that exclusive race, is a good year.  In any case, the midwest good ol' Pantera boys will be right there with Mark making sure it all goes well.

For the SSCC in September, the roster is still being firmed up, but for certain the man who's been to more open road races than Carter has Liver pills, will be Dennis Antenucci.  Hopefuls include Mark Skwarek who is on the cusp of a deserved win in a much higher speed class, Gerry Romack who ends up with more fun than one man shoulid stand at our age, potentially Lee Peterson in his Pantera with an engine refresh, John Bentley with a new and killer engine of his own, and more than likely Paul Kathadourian in his Viper.  Again, the support crew will probably consist of Asa Jay (AJ) Laughton and Peter Menyhart.

2021 is shaping up to be a great year.  If yoiu've not raced open road yet, this is the year to do in a Pantera.  The shirt alone will be worth the entry fee.


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