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Saturday, 04 July 2009 21:56

Team Pantera Racing

Gear for You and Gear for your Ride. We've been putting together information on some of the finest products TPR members use either for themselves or on their Pantera.


TPR Seal of Approval: These are items members have used on their Pantera with success.  These are products known to be well made, quality and generally stand up to the abuse of racing or playful spirited driving.  We don't express any warranty for our views and your results or mileage may vary.


Soft Goods: Here is a collection of gear to identify you with Team Pantera Racing.  We have decals, shirts, hats, and the Team Pantera Racing Challenge Coin.  We may add more items as time goes on.  We use a Paypal checkout system, so don't be afraid to shop till your funds run out.  After all, you only make a small fortune racing, by investing a larger fortune up front.

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