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Written by Bob Radefeld   
Tuesday, 20 November 2012 20:18
Okay DaWgY and fellow ORR's, we had an unbelievably FUN time at the Sandhills Open Road Challenge. All of our group finished the race with no problems this year which is what we always shoot for. Taking a plaque is only secondary to having as much FUN as possible, so, here's how we all finished:
Rowdy............ 16th in the 90 mph class out of 19 cars, in the Pantera
Budly............. 14th in the 90 mph class out of 19 cars, in his Pantera
Godfather....... 18th in the 95 mph class out of 19 cars, in mommys Porsche yet AGAIN!!!)
Mark & Jim...... 13th in the 110 mph class out of 19 cars, in a 2005 Noble
Check out the photos in the Gallery.
Here's a link to TV station coverage of the race.


Here are the official results:

Name Target Speed North MPH North Time South MPH South Time
Bud Hower 90MPH 90.376 19:03.230 88.792 17:58.477
Bob Radefeld 90MPH 90.891 18:56.744 90.633 17:36.567
Frank Cirrincione 95MPH 100.398 17:09.102 100.347 15:54.285
Jim Wallace 110MPH 107.997 15:56.693
Mark Skwarek 110MPH 110.227 14:28.749
You can read more about Team Pantera Racing adventures at the Sandhills Open Road Challenge in the 2010 No. 4 issue of the POCA magazine Profiles.
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