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Sunday, 29 March 2009 19:00

Running over 150 MPH in an ORR event can be a "lifting" experience if you don't have the right kind of ground affects.  Air dams, air splitters and other items may be necessary depending on the speed you want to run.  To improve the aerodynamics of his Pantera, Dennis "Mad Dog" Antenucci uses additional strips of rubber mounted below the rockers on each side of his Pantera.  Seen in many of the photos of him at speed at NORC or SSCC, this material can be had from MSC Industrial Supply Company.  Visit their web site for this and other material you may need for your Pantera, or around the garage.  Another Internet Supplier that carries the

Team Pantera Racing Seal of Approval

Update 30 Mar 2009.  Although the rubber worked exceptionally well, Mad Dog eventually moved up to an ABS material that doesn't deflect as much, but makes your seat pucker when they scrape driving through "The Dips" at SSCC/NORC at speed.

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