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Tuesday, 23 September 2014 18:48

Thanks to the sponsoship of Katch Environmental, Team Pantera Racing fielded one entry at the Sandhills Open Road Challenge (SORC) earlier in the year and three entries at the 2014 running of the Silver State Classic Challenge (SSCC).  Bob Radefeld was the only Pantera racer to make SORC, though the annual drawing included two others who were unable to make it.  Of those at SSCC, two finished and one was DNF due to engine trouble.  The team had a great time this year, especially with Peter Menyhart and Erik Belter coming in to support the SSCC team in their efforts.

Mark Skwarek, Dennis Antenucci and John Bentley brought their Panteras to drive in this year's SSCC event:

Mark trailered his Pantera from the state of Connecticut all the way to Ely Nevada to run a brand new engine on course for the first time.  This was the second time Mark has driven the SSCC course.  Mark finished successfully in the 140 class, though he had to slow down near the end due to fuel delivery problems that cropped up late in the run.

John Bentley was joined by Erik Belter and Asa Jay Laughton in San Jose for the trek to Ely.  Asa would be running as John's navigator while Erik provided team support overall, including mechanical assistance with various minor problems that cropped up.  John and Asa had a good run started when John noticed oil temperatures were elevating beyond safe levels.  Backing off the throttle with an aim to finish well within the class but slightly under speed, the temperature began to go down, but soon John noticed the oil pressure dropping.  As the team tried to back off to just above minimum tech speed the pressure kept falling and the temperature began to elevate again.  The decision was made to terminate the run before major engine damage ensued.  They successfully stopped at the rest area just 30 miiles into the course. 

As luck would have it, rain on the course was causing some problems.  The high speed cars, those doing 160 or above, were given a green light to make their run, but only to the 30 mile mark, the same rest stop where John and Asa were waiting for the road to re-open.  John got a ride back to Ely to pick up his car trailer and all was well.

Dennis (Mad Dog) Antenucci successfully solicited a sponsor this year who helped transport Dennis' Pantera to and from the event, along with a twin motorcycle escort.  Paul Katchadourian along with Conner, both from Katch Environmental and Doug from Heathens MC really looked out for the team, both learning about the event and encouraging everyone in it.  Dennis made a successful run finishing slightly faster than his target with no engine or other issues to report.

A special mention goes out to Peter (The German) Menyhart who travalled to Ely to support the team and help drive Mark's trailer to the finish line.  Peter has been instrumental in helping Team Pantera Racing get things done for the past several years.  The team is always prodding him to get his Pantera finished and ready to race again.  Maybe next year.

Overall the team had a great time, despite John and Asa not being able to finish this year.

Photos of the event can be found in two albums of the Photo Gallery:

2014 SSCC

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