SORC 2012 Lineup Print
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Saturday, 04 August 2012 22:01
Where are our manners?

Once again, Team Pantera Racing members from the midwest are heading to the Sandhills Open Road Challenge.  This year we have three members committed to go and we wish them all the luck in the world.

The Sandhills Open Road Challenge is one of the best Open Road Races there is.  It's a two-stage, there and back again race with an intermission between the two legs of the course.  Plenty of twists and straight open road... and unforgiving ditches on either side.  Many drivers claim this race to have some of the most beautiful scenery of any open road race in America today.

The town of Arnold Nebraska has benefit from this race so much in years past, they are very happy and very helpful in hosting the race each year.  Most townsfolk come out to help with tech, put decals on cars, put on a parade and barbecues.  Since there are no hotels in Arnold, they even open up their homes to host the drivers for the event.  It's all around a great time.

Wish our drivers luck.