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Written by Asa Jay Laughton   
Sunday, 15 January 2012 13:25
On behalf of David (The Pope) Adin:

As promised, a report on the track days at Fernley.

Its actually only a little over 850 miles to Fernley from my hideout in the San Juan Mountains (third mountain on the right, stop by anytime).  Luckily, a lot of the miles are the most beautiful (to my eyes) on the North American continent.

The first landmark of note was Lake Fowl, which seems a little low this time of year.  Here you can see the "Hite Marina" and boat launch ramp.  The real (original) town of Hite has long been under the waters of Lake Fowl (Powell).

I left home two days early in order to photograph some rock art along the way, my first stop being a search for the Moqui Queen.  I first heard about her 40 years ago and only got a good clue this winter.

here she rules, complete with headdress and shell tunic.  Her dog looks happy, eh?

I had a good stop in Capitol Reef National Park to photograph more rock art and then on to the Fremont Indian State Park where I spent the nite. Yep, more rock art.

As I cruised into Nevada, at a safe and sane 85mph or so, I often thought of the weather ahead - I had been warned Reno had rain on Monday but mostly was confident we would have some nice weather.
http://images112.fotki.com/v106/photos/5/43175/9819052/fernley2011053-vi.jpg maybe?

At the Reno-Fernley Racecourse and whoop-de-doo park I was greet by some friends I had met before.  Of course, the first question I answered was whether or not the top would stay on the car this year . . . .

Registration and my first order of business - tech.  Mike was there yanking and poking on a few cars.  I was really anxious for my "science experiment" with Mike's new motor (it sounded great).  Mike may fill you in on his weekend.

We had our usual meeting w/ Scott (great to see him again!)
http://images108.fotki.com/v613/photos/5/43175/9819052/fernley2011061-vi.jpg and then a quick familiaration tour of the track.  Poor Chuck Engles hopped in my car to try to get a few action shots (Chuck may enterain you with his political trials during our track days) and found he was very welcome, but had to sit on the fire bottle during the quick two laps.  That man has a love for the Pantera!

a few snaps:


http://images17.fotki.com/v10/photos/5/43175/9819052/fernley2011080-vi.jpg this is a pretty car!

http://images17.fotki.com/v147/photos/5/43175/9819052/fernley2011087-vi.jpg unlike many Panteras, always there and brutally quick!

http://images112.fotki.com/v106/photos/5/43175/9819052/DSC01978-vi.jpg the little hairdresser car - always willing.

I photographed a lot more rock art on the way home
http://images12.fotki.com/v155/photos/5/43175/9819052/fernley2011122-vi.jpg it was great to be in the desert again!

One last shot of God's tribute to the fairer sex, Mollies Nipple

My trip was wonderful, renewing old friendships, meeting some I had never met before and even chatting w/ a few folks that I seldom have kind words toward (surprisingly civil folks).

I understand the kart event was great fun.  Some folks had more pit time than was proper and I hope all turns out well for everyone.

Grouchy and Dirty and glad to be home . . . 28mpg on the trip home!

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