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Monday, 04 September 2017 14:47

With less than two weeks to the final showdown of 2017 on Nevada Highway 318, Team Pantera Racing is up against the clock as Murphy leaves his calling cards amongst the determined racers.  Dennis "Mad Dog" Antenucci, John "JB" Bentley, Mark "The Professor" Skwarek, and POCA President Gerry Romack are all running out of time.  Never before in the history of Team Pantera Racing have all committed drivers been swapping, rebuilding or refreshing their Pantera engines within weeks of competition.

Mad Dog has seven plus races on the last rebuild from Russ Fulps and decided it was time to tear it down and refresh it.  Nearly done and Murphy hit him with a slight detour that should be fixed on time.  JB is replacing the engine that went south on him two years ago and Murphy hit him during final hookups, causing him the need to replace starter studs.  Mark needed more horsepower, so out his came too, Murphy has been somewhat kind to Mark.  Gerry, planning to make his SSCC debut ran into difficulties with his present engine and decided it should be replaced; Murhpy struck hard.

Each driver hails from a different part of the country, though Mad Dog and JB are nearly within spitting distance, both living in Calfornia.  Gerry comes from the Great Lakes region, while Mark drives to Neveda by starting out on the Northeast coast.  With that much disparity between the team members, it can be difficult getting the right kind of help, but each one is managing through it.  Help isn't as far as away as you may think.

Last word from all drivers is that they at least have engines in cars, with perhaps the exception of Gerry.  However, Gerry hails from the same region as a veteran TPR member, Dave Doddek, who single-handedly came to his first SSCC with parts in-hand and finished his build and tune at the event.  With Dave's help, there is high confidence that Gerry will be finished in time and on the way shortly.  Meanwhile, Mark's engine is in and he's looking to re-jet his carb in the hopes of pulling into the 150 MPH and higher classes.  Both Mad Dog and JB are running neck-and-neck in their final prep.  It's really a race now, to see who will make the September 30th Anniversary running of the Silver State Classic Challenge.

If anyone can do it, these men can.  The pressure is on, the men are working nights and weekends to get it all done.  Will they?  Stay tuned.

JB engine done

JB Engine in
JB's Engine ready to install JB's Engine installed, ready for final hookups

Mad Dog Engine MD engine in
Mad Dog's Engine ready to install Mad Dog's Engine getting final tune

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