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Tuesday, 20 September 2016 09:21

Another Open Road Race season comes to a close with the successful finish of two Panteras  at the Silver State Classic Challenge.  Travelling along as part of the team again this year was Paul Katchadourian from Katch Environmental (the team's major sponsor) in his 2013 Dodge Viper.  All three cars started and all three finished the 90 mile course at triple digit speeds.  The story began shortly after Sandhills Open Road Challenge.

Mark Skwarek returned to his home in Connecticut with his race-prepared Orange Pantera to clean up some details and perform more work to get ready for the SSCC race.  Mark leaves for Ely, Nevada just a few days prior to the start of the event and arrives on Wednesday.  Meanwhile, Asa Jay Laughton travelled to Fresno, California to hook up with Dennis (Mad Dog) Antenucci and Paul Katchadourian.  By Thursday night, all were assembled in Ely.

Dennis, Mark, Paul


A great car show in the park gave the boys a chance to relax and unwind prior the final driver's meeting.  Then it was off to dinner and a final check of the cars before getting a good night's sleep.

Sunday morning comes early for both the race drivers and their support teams driving trucks and trailers to the finish line.  The driver's gather at Lane's truck stop while support teams head out on the longer two and a half hour journey down highway 93 in order to get to the finish side of highway 318.  Dennis, Paul and Mark stage for the race with Mark leading the pack in the 150 MPH group, Paul trying his first time at 110 and Dennis taking a leisurely drive at 100.  Paul had a near-heartstopping even when the final tire inspection found a nail in one of his new tires; however, after Paul agrees to have the nail pulled, they find it's nothing more than a small stub and liquid check of the spot indicates there is no air leak.  While Paul races down the course he continues to monitor his trie pressures with the built-in technology of the modern Viper and ends up finishing the race without any problems.  Before noon, all three racers have finished.

Mark's finish

Paul's finish

Dennis' finish

Although each had a great time and enjoyed the race, there were no trophies handed out to Team Pantera racing during the awards banquet.  Still, that's not something that will stop this team from coming back next year.  When it comes to it, the people of the event, like the Sandhills event just before, it's the people that make the difference.  The friendships that develop last a long time and are what bring folks back again and again, even if it's to drive slower, or just hang out with the crowd, and maybe drive a trailer to finish line.

2016 was a good year for Team Pantera Racing, with four Panteras starting in the SORC and two in SSCC.

More photos of the team at the Silver State Classic Challenge can be found in the photo gallery here.

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