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Thursday, 02 June 2011 19:50

This Memorial Day we not only give thanks to our Veterans, like Dennis "Mad Dawg" Antenucci, but we also reflect on others we've lost through the years.  It's a reminder of our our mortality as well as the freedoms we enjoy because som many have sacrificed so much before us.

With the death of a sibling in his family, Dennis mused among the Team Pantera Racing faithful:


"Memorial Day has become not just about remembering veterans who died or never came home but those in our lives who have passed on and not taken us with yea, NONE of that makes sense and its not supposed to make sense! ;-)  I quess it is about fulfilling your passions and not waiting too long to realize those passions because you never know when its your 'turn' to pass for the rest of us yea I know the common thread is the PANTERA but I realize more then ever before that what binds this group of brothers is the reality, it is not forever.

I found my sweet spot at Silver State at 150-170 speeds or 130-140 at the Pony Express or Bonneville 100 or 120-135 speeds at the SORC or BORR or down in Mexico.....I have run the Pantera and a Jag XKE in the middle and the back of the pack in SCCA, EJag, Ferrari, Corvette, and POCA club open track competition and got close enough once to Jim Saxton and his race Pantera  to force him into a upside down turn around turn 5 at Willow Springs....nearly plowed into the back of a restored Ferrari Boxer at Turn 1 coming down off the corkscrew at Willow Springs and so asking Charlie Friend recently how he continues well into his 70's now to average  170 MPH in his race Corvair-from-hell in orr competition.

Charlie said that to average those speeds he has to speed along that 2-lane road at 180-185 in the straights at SS on a road far from straight and then slow down to160 mph through the sweeper turns and then speed up again in the straights coming out of the canyon/narrows and of course wht he does not say is that if ONE thing goes wrong at any of those speeds (a tire, an A-arm, steering rack, or even a deck lid ;-) your day is not gonna be a good one. Perhaps in Charlie's case as Carl Young once said when you have flown a F-100 fighter-bomber in Nam while being shot at and both Charlie and Carl did that  driving a Corvair or just about anything else  pales by comparison....or so Charlie says."

- Dennis Antenucci


So as our departed friend Tony Harvey used to say, "Drive -It!

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