2011 NORC Pre-Race Update Print
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Wednesday, 04 May 2011 18:41

Dennis "Mad Dawg" Antenucci is temporarily back from his desert hijinks and will be running the 2011 Nevada Open Road Challenge in his race prepared street legal DeTomaso Pantera.  He's recently finished up all the prep and tech work, made some local runs to make sure the cobwebs are blown out and is ready to roll.  Although he's not revealed his final speed class, he once again reminded the Pantera world of his long standy $5,000 challenge, with a friendly tuant to our Texas brethren:

Any street licensed Pantera that shows up at the 2011 Nevada Open Road Challenge, Races, -and- obtains a higher average speed than Mad Dawg, will receive as their reward, all expenses paid up to $5,000.  If the driver and Pantera are from Texas, the payout may go as high as $10,000.

To date, none has taken on this challenge.  Will this be the year?

The last thing the Dawg is waiting for, is the new car "wrap" that will be applied to the Pantera this year.  Dennis has decided to forgo paint for now and substitute a full body wrap with tributes to past TPR veterans and those who have died doing what they love.  It should be quite the head-turner, not that the Pantera isn't anyway.

A second Pantera is currently scheduled to make an appearance at this year's NORC as well.  John "JB" Bentley has been preparing his Pantera, truck and trailer for the past few years and is now planning to accompany the TPR President to the event.  John will be running a new rebuilt engine.  In addition he added some NACA ducts and is looking to take on the 135 MPH class.  Like all good Team Pantera Racing members, John has thought ahead and installed Z-rated tires all around.  No worries in tech for him.


The Nevada Open Road Challenge begins next week and will encompass a parade, car show, lots of great getogethers, the race on Sunday the 15th and the awards banquet to follow.  Keep your eyes peeled to this space for more information after the race.