2011 BBORR Report Print
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Wednesday, 04 May 2011 18:14

David "The Pope" Adin filed a report with Team Pantera Racing shortly after completing the Big Bend Open Road Race in Texas this year.  Here is a sampling of what went down.

Unlimited was won by a Corvette that averaged 165.888 MPH.  Second was J Tiemann in his GT 40 averaging 160 MPH with a trap speed of 202.  If you ever get the chance to hear this puppy with the unmuffled 180 exhaust, have a tissue ready.
Charlie Friend had a dizzy fail and the big mopar had a fire.
Although Team Pantera Racing had members present, sadly nobody was driving a Pantera.  David Adin was the most succesful participant from the team this year, driving his V8 powered Mazda Miata.  In the true spirit of TPR, David has shoehorned in a V8 where a tiny four cylinder should go and he had a blast.  He got a second place trophy - no competition in his class.  David clocked a tech speed of 124 in the traps with the little Miata pulling with all its heart!
Weather at the event was WAY hot ( 95 or 100) with David thinking his car wouldn't make it ( 220 oil temps), but all was in control and he finished.
Only 68 Corvettes entered this year - it has become tiresome!  Seems the Corvette crowd is taking over open road racing.  Although David didn't drive the Pantera (still undergoing some new modifications) he did lament the fact he wasn't driving it to put the slam down on the 'vettes.