2011 Race Prep Print
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Wednesday, 02 February 2011 19:58

It's that time.  The Big Bend Open Road Race is just around the corner in April with the Nevada Open Road Challenge close behind in May.  Team Pantera Racing Headquarters has it on good authority that Dennis "Mad Dog" Antenucci will again grace the Nevada desert with his 1972 Pantera in this years NORC.  No word yet on any other participants in the BBORR or NORC, but rumor has circulated some Team Pantera Racing veterans may show.  David Adin, our favorite grouchy old man from Colorada, Steve Hawkins and John Bentley may make showings this year.  We'll keep on top if it.

So get your Panteras ready, racing is nearer than you think.  Get those checklists out and make sure your cat is in top condition.  If you even -think- you'll need tires, NOW is the time to get them not two weeks out from the start of the race.  Look over all the bearings, check that clutch, change the brake and clutch fluids.  Look for oil leaks.  Inspect the belts and hoses, the ZF, u-joints, etc.  Check the expiration date on your race harnesses, your helmet, race suit, shoes and gloves.  Two weeks from the race is NOT the time to find out you need new ones.


Then check out the Team Pantera Racing Seal of Approval page for other recommendations on go-fast goodies.  After that you may want to pick up some new Team Pantera Racing decals, shirts or the ever popular and very exclusive TPR Coin.  To do that, visit our Soft Goods page.


If you're not a member of Team Pantera Racing, and you own/race a Pantera, we'd love to have you.  Just sign up and we'll give you the secret handshake and you too can be included in all the fun that is Team Pantera Racing.

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