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If your not on the edge, you're taking up space

If your not on the edge, you're taking up space

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2010 Awards Banquet PDF Print E-mail
Written by Asa Jay Laughton   
Monday, 15 November 2010 21:16

Since Team Pantera Racing is made up of members all over the world, it's difficult for us to get together and have a real Awards Banquet.  So each award recipient must have his or hers presented personally.  For this task Team Pantera Racing only selects the best, most beautiful women to make the presentations.  For 2010, here are the lucky recipients being presented with their awards:

Bob "Rowdy" Radefeld - receiving the Gary Hall Memorial Award from one of the lovely Brazilian Girls Support Team members:



Bud "7-Banger" Hower - receiving the Ellis Woumnm Memorial Iron Man Award from a beautiful Kansas corn-fed Farmer's daughter:



Bill "SoOBill" Taylor - receiving the new SOBill Award from... well we'll tell you after the photo:


The Hooters girls TPR hired did show up to present Bill his award, however they discovered he had a pool.  Unfortunately, by the time Miss Kitty got her camera out, the Hooters girls had all taken off their shirts and shorts and were in the pool.  This being a family friendly web site, we couldn't show you the -other- presentation photos.  But do take a look and you'll see Bill has one eye on the camera and one eye on the girls.

Congratulations again to all our 2010 Award Recipients.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 02 February 2011 19:58
2010 TPR Awards PDF Print E-mail
Written by Asa Jay Laughton   
Tuesday, 26 October 2010 18:41

Team Pantera Racing has completed their awards for the 2010 season.  This year was a rough one with TPR President Dennis "Mad Dog" Antenucci spending part of his race season "at large" overseas in a desert location.  Even so, TPR gave away three awards this year:

  • Ellis Woumnm Memorial "Iron Man" Award
  • "Gary Hall Memorial Award"
  • "SOBill Award"


This year found Team Pantera Racing adding to the award list with the newly christened "SOBill Award."  Known to his friends as "Sweet Old Bill" Taylor, SOBill has been a quiet but significant member of the Pantera community for many years.  Most folks know him as an electrical wizard who has made sense of the plethora of wiring in the Pantera, having re-written in bite-size chunks most of the diagrams.  His efforts can be found on The Pantera Place under the Electrical section.  In addition, Bill also rebuilds turn signal assemblies for the Pantera community.

Not all turn signal assemblies can be rebuilt of course, but Bill has done a wonderful job of helping folks out of a jam.  Now that new assemblies appear to be available once again, Bill's service isn't used quite as much but is still a great value to the cost conscious Pantera owner.  But that's not Bill's only contribution.

Bill has written articles for POCA, engineered tooling for replacing a-arm bushings and even offered to loan these speciality tools to other owners.  It is in this selfless spirit of giving to the entire Pantera community that Team Pantera Racing names this award and is pleased to present it to Sweet Old Bill Taylor as the first of what we hope to be many recipients.  The text for this years award reads:

For Years of Unselfish and Outstanding Personal Support, Service and Can-Do Attitude toward POCA, Team Pantera Racing, PI and other Pantera Owners Worldwide 2010.

Congratulations Bill.

Next comes the "Gary Hall Memorial Award."  This award goes to the person who exhibits the greatest team spirit both in encouragement and participation in Open Road Racing.  This year TPR is proud to present this award to Bob "Rowdy" Radefeld who once again spearheaded a push into Arnold Nebraska with a small TPR team to participate in the Sandhills Open Road Challenge (SORC).

One of the most challenging runs of the season and certainly what most consider to be the best venue to visit, Arnold opens its doors wide for the participants.  This race is booked nearly a year in advance with some entries not making the cut simply because they were lower in the pile on the postmarked date.  Bob once again managed to rally enough entries to make a small team even if one had to leave the Pantera in the garage at the last minute and drive a Porsche.

Everyone ran, everyone finished, everyone had a good time.  So for his efforts, Team Pantera Racing is proud to present the 2010 "Gary Hall Memorial Award."  The text for this years award reads:

Outstanding Support and Dedication to the DeTomaso Marque and Team Pantera Racing at the Sandhills Open Road Challenge August 12-15, 2010.

Congratulations Bob.

Our final award for 2010 goes to a gentleman who earned a new nick-name over the course of participating in the Silver State Classic Challenge (SSCC).  Bud "Bad Bud" Hower might now be known as Bud "7-banger" Hower.  It all began after a heartbreaking email from Gail Waldman of the SSCC informing Team Pantera Racing that -no- Panteras had registered for the event.

Mad Dog was overseas, Asa Jay was still waffling at home, nobody else had stepped up to the plate.  Bud heard the call and put his entry in right away, having just finished the SORC.  Thus Bud's adventure began.

Over the course of days and weeks, Bud emailed back and forth with people in the Silver State Classic Challenge, Mad Dog, Asa Jay, Rowdy and others.  He found the rules at SSCC were a little different than SORC.  Bud had to source new wheels and tires, he decided to install a new race harness and he had to take care of several other minor things.  But that was nothing compared to the final hours.

As Bud approached Las Vegas, he found his engine was drinking oil by the quart; about one quart every 50 miles.  As Mad Dog, Asa Jay and Rowdy began to hear disappointment in his voice, they rallied to encourage Bud on, giving him advice and contacts to help him out.  During troubleshooting, Bud found one plug was wet with oil so he disconnected the plug wire and went for a drive... no more oil consumption.

Running on seven cylinders, Bud remained undeterred and finished the drive to Ely Nevada to participate.  He passed tech inspection, partied with the SSCC regulars and then completed the race with no other problems.  Afterward, he drove the same Pantera all the way home, still on seven cylinders.   For this herculean effort, Team Pantera Racing is proud to present the Ellis Woumnm Memorial "Iron Man" award to Bud Hower for 2010.  The text of this years award reads:

Outstanding Achievement in Open Road Racing Despite Overwhelming Odds at the Silver State Classic Challenge September 16-19, 2010.

Congratulations Bud, your deserve it!

For more information on these awards, please visit our awards page for descriptions, eligibility criteria and recipient determination.

Team Pantera Racing wishes to extend a hearty Thank You to -all- Pantera owners who do more than polish their cars; they get out there and have fun Driving.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 26 October 2010 19:52
SSCC Japan Article PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Saturday, 09 October 2010 09:06
The 2008 Silver State Classic Challenge was featured in a Japan magazine.  Team Pantera Racing was prominently featured in the photo spread.  See it all here:  http://mayahi.web.fc2.com/gw2008sscc.htm
Last Updated on Wednesday, 04 May 2011 19:08
THE SORC SAGA – 2010 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Rowdy   
Friday, 08 October 2010 15:06

After a year of anxious waiting, the plans for the Team Pantera Racing contingent of Panteras seemed ready to mount a 4- prong attack in Arnold, Nebraska at the annual SORC Open Road Race.

First up were Mark Schweck (The Marauder) out of Connecticut and his navigator Jim Wallace (The Enabler) out of Boston, Mass.  Mark got his entry in rather late and as a result found his team poised as #28 on the rather extensive entrant waiting list. 0nly days before the race, Mark was notified that he was accepted and could participate if he wished. Naturally his response was “We ain’t there YET??” Marks’ plans called for him to trailer his car to Omaha, Nebraska where he would pick up Jim who had flown in from Boston and the two of them would then drive to Arnold to arrive on the Thursday before race day.

Second up was Frank (Godfather) Cirrincione out of Hendersonville, KY. Franks’ plan involved trailering his just completed and totally restored Pantera to my home in Topeka, Kansas and arriving here on the Wednesday before the race.

Next up was Eldon (Bad Bud) Hower in his Pantera out of Whiting, Kansas which is only 40 miles north of my home in Topeka. He was to drive to Topeka early Thursday AM and meet up with myself, Bob (Rowdy) Radefeld, my son Russell ( The Revenger) and Frank.  Then the four of us would caravan up to Arnold together. What a parade of Panteras we had planned!

Well, as part of the old saying goes – “The best laid plans of……” – struck our team at the very last moment and our well laid plans began to unravel.

Last Updated on Friday, 08 October 2010 17:13
2010 Pre-SORC Interview PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Sunday, 01 August 2010 16:35

The Sandhills Open Road Challenge is coming up fast.  Team Pantera Racing took a few minutes with TPR member Bob (Rowdy) Radefeld to learn more about him, his Pantera and the race:

TPR: Bob, you've been entered in the Sandhills Open Road Challenge before. How many have you attended?

Bob: This year will be my third time competing at SORC


TPR: What speed class have you entered in previously versus your class this year?

Bob: I've always competed in the 90 MPH class as the restrictions requiring roll bars & other safety equipment increase dramatically as one increases speed in the higher classes. My car, being mostly stock, would have to be modified quite a bit to move up in class & I am unwilling to do these modifications at the present time. Besides, the under 100 MPH classes are still a real HOOT to run in and the whole experience boils down to having fun and meeting new Pantera owners (and competitors) from all over the US.

TPR: Tell us about your Pantera; year, model, stock and modified items.

Bob: My car has a December 1972 build date according to its VIN #, however it has always been titled as a 1973. It was a Pantera L model when I purchased it but I have since ditched the original large front bumper in favor of two smaller fiberglass bumpers from AmeriSport which are painted body color. Engine was rebuilt about 5 years ago after I dropped a valve (sound familiar?) at our local road course here in Topeka, Ks. Different and more aggressive cam, forged pistons, bored 30 over, two cylinders needed to be sleeved, 2V closed chamber iron heads to replace the 4V open chamber heads that were on it, Armando 10 quart oil pan, Demon carb, Wiend X-celerator manifold, Accusump engine pre-oiler among other things were installed thanks to expert advice from Dan Jones. Engine runs MUCH better now! Engine already had Jet-Hot coated GTS headers, DeTomaso polished valve covers, polished and safety wired ZF, SS surge and overflow tanks as well as fully smoothed and painted engine bay.

TPR: What kind of safety equipment do you run?

Bob: In the lower speed class that I'm in, about the only requirements are factory seat belts in good condition, helmet, leather shoes and driving gloves, and non-flamable cotton clothing or racing suit (which is not technically required ).

TPR: What motivated you to get involved in Open Road Racing?

Bob: That dirty DAWG did!! I got tired of being called a SLACKER when I actually wanted to run in any ORR. Then when I found out about SORC being only 485 miles from Topeka I decided it was time to go meet Dawgy and give him a ration of Sheeeit like he loves to dish out! :o)) As well as accomplishing my goal I ended up having a blast and haven't missed a race there since. As a matter of fact, last year I took another Pantera owner (Bud-#3400) that lives 45 miles North of me along so he could observe the race and he got so excited that he immediately started working on his car when we got home to get it in shape for this years' race. YES!, another convert.

TPR: Tell us about the SORC event.

Bob: The race is held in Arnold, NE. which has a population of approx. 600 and is located South of North Platt, NE. The whole town gets into this yearly event BIG TIME. The population easily doubles or triples on race weekend. They hold a parade down main street on the Friday afternoon before the Saturday race. Each entrant drives their car down Main and an announcer gives the drivers' name, hometown and year, make and model of vehicle they're driving. They then lead all entrants to another main type street and you park your car for several hours for a public car show that overflows for a 4 block area with admiring, friendly people from everywhere - GREAT FUN!

TPR: Are there any "team" events and will Panteras participate?

Bob: Team Pantera is getting closer every year to the required number of cars to actually form a "Team" according to the rules. If we can get one more car to race with us next year I think we'll hit the mark.

TPR: Where do you stay?

Bob: We normally stay in a "hunting trailer" several blocks from downtown which is graciously donated by a local hunting guide by the name of Cory Peterson. It is used mostly during the Fall and Winter by folks from all around the US that come to Arnold and engage Cory as their guide. During the August race it is not occupied so Cory donates it to Team Pantera and has done so at "no charge" for the last 4 years. It is a 3 bedroom trailer with kitchen and large front room with AC, cable TV, etc. and Cory even stocks it up with grocerys a day before we arrive. Needless to say, we keep him up to his eyeballs in free beer at Jim's Bar every evening - the local hangout for all the racers!

TPR: Are there any other Panteras in the race this year?

Bob: Happy to say we will set a new record for Pantera participation in the race this year!! :o)) The team will consist of:

Myself, Bob (Rowdy) Radefeld with my son Russell as navigator.
Bud Hower (Bud#3400) from Whiting, Ks.
Frank (Godfather) Cirrincione from Hendersonville, Tn.
Mark Skwarek from Connecticut & his navigator Jim Wallace from Boston

TPR: How long is the course? Is it run one way or two ways?

Bob: The course runs North about 27 miles out of Arnold and then we turn around and run 26 miles back South on the same road.

TPR: What are the typical weather and road conditions like?

Bob: Weather has been great the last two years with an overcast sky and not excessively hot. Hopefully, this year will continue that trend but it could be very hot and humid as it has been here in Kansas the last several weeks. Crossing our fingers! Road itself is a "chip and seal" type surface such as you find on many small rural highways and you need to be somewhat careful in the turns due to the possibility of loose gravel. Best part of the whole driving experience is, however, the fact that you have both lanes to drive in throughout the race and never normally encounter the car ahead or behind you.

TPR: What does it take to get entered in the SORC?

Bob: Just fill out an entry blank and mail it in the very FIRST day they tell you it can be postmarked - normally the first Monday in October. I can't stress enough how important it is to have it mailed on that day!! There are only 65 spots available to us racers that are not "Lifers" as they call them. The lifers number 65 or half the maximum of 130 spots for entrants and they are automatically in the race EVERY year unless they choose not to attend. People on the waiting list then have a chance at any of these vacated slots as well as slots that open up from other accepted entrants who for one reason or another can not make the race and withdraw early. This year Bud got stuck at #12 on the waiting list and Mark ended up at #28. Luckily, they both got in this year but normally they wouldn't have been that fortunate. Last year I was #8 on the waiting list and didn't get called and told I was accepted until 10 days before the race! Good thing I had everything ready to go as it turned out I was the only Pantera there.

TPR: Thank you for taking the time to talk with us today, are there any other thoughts you'd like to leave us with?

Bob: Great town, great people and GREAT FUN!!! What else can I say??


We'd like to thank Bob for his willingness to talk with us and wish him and the others a good time and good luck.

Last Updated on Sunday, 01 August 2010 19:10
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